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What is the best advice that someone has ever given to you?

“It doesn't matter how ‘successful’, rich, or powerful you are if you're alone and not surrounded by people and a community you feel supported and share love with.”

"It's better to be alone than with bad company (thank you mom)"

“I think the best advice someone has given me is to not race through life. I think this is the most helpful advice I have heard and taken because I try to race through everything. I constantly try to be busy with projects or with work. This has caused me a lot of stress at times because I would overwhelm myself. ”

“Not explicit advice, but learning to live with boundless love”

“It is okay to make mistakes. You are human. ”

“Your body is not an apology, so don't live your life as if it was because you’ll miss out on the moments that bring joy”

“Just keep showing up when most people quit.”

“When I was a kid I distinctly remember going on a shopping trip to Costco with my dad. He saw someone struggling to carry some juice down from a high shelf and didn't hesitate to go over and help them. He didn't ask if they needed help, he just offered, and to this day I will never forget how easy it is to be selfless and kind to others.”

“Keep moving forward no matter hard life has gotten, to not let the past define you too much, and to try to always forgive and understand”

“Discomfort is a sign of growth.”

“Take care of yourself first: eat your meals, get your rest, and then get back to work. ”

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