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How do you live your life to the fullest extent?

“I give myself and those I care about love.”


“Being honest, prioritizing myself. A lot of my darkest times rooted themselves in times of jealousy, comparison, or dependency on others. Pandemic has definitely taught me that in order to be fully happy and live my life to the fullest, my own happiness goes first, others come second.

Move through life with confidence and be nice to yourself! Get out of your comfort zone and try new things, move to new places, etc. We’ve only got one life! Stop waiting for a special occasion or the perfect moment because we don't have time for that nonsense ”

“I try to never let what people say hold me back from doing what I want to do. Sometimes that comes back to bite me in the butt but we all gotta learn from our mistakes. I’ve learned to be a little selfish with my free time and do whatever makes me feel the best in that moment. I try not to have regrets. ”

“It's an ironic expression, but I try to live life with less regrets. For example, if I really want to eat a dessert at a bakery, but this dessert isn't a "necessity," I should still honor that desire and treat myself at least once in a while. Being frugal is fine, but it should not affect your physical and mental wellbeing.”

“During this pandemic, living my life to the fullest is making sure I tell everyone I love that I love them. I realized that living my life to the fullest doesn’t necessarily mean pursuing all my dreams and aspirations, but rather finding gratitude in what I have now and saying ‘this is enough for me’


“By seeing beauty in everything and recognizing I have everything I need within me. I go on a walk and see the way ivy climbs up a wall or the way the sun hits a window and it's all beautiful. Everything is wonderful when you look at it this way and everything is a gift that you get to experience. You don't have to do anything in order to live to the fullest this way, it already is full.

“I live by a quote by someone, ‘If you want something you’ve never had, you gotta do something you’ve never done.’”

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