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What would you say to someone that feels all alone?

“As lonely as you feel, you're not alone in that feeling. Everyone has felt a form of loneliness in one way or another and that's okay. It gets better, it always does.

“Even when you think that you are alone, you are not. There is at least one person that you can go to. Also you’re not a burden or being annoying for reaching out! People love hearing from you :)”

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There will always be someone whose life you made an impact in. Although times are hard right now, there are people who look forward to seeing you. Whether it be the dude you always see at the grocery store, your neighbors, or even your pets. Sometimes you have to be the first person to message your friends. Its a bit of a pride-hurter but I promise you will always feel better after you reach out to your friends and family. ”

“You’re never really as alone as you feel. There’s always at least one person who either loves you or is going through something similar. Being alone also give you the opportunity to learn something about yourself you didn’t know before and that’s so beautiful.”

“You haven’t met all the people who will love you yet”

“Don't be afraid to feel those feelings. But also know that there will always be people out there that you can one day call ‘home.’”


Prioritize yourself in simple ways, such as: keeping a list of likes/dislikes, sticking to a skincare routine, discovering an online community that shares your same interests, familiarizing yourself with which streets are your favorite in your current neighborhood, keeping a journal (or sticky notes) of times that stood out to you in the day.”

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