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What is something that you would say to someone who is struggling right now ?

“Take a deep breath and tell someone you love them. And then understand that you will get through this with time and you’re going to be so proud for not giving up on yourself.”

"'This too shall pass.' This is one of my favorite quotes that got me through a lot of different struggles because it's a reminder that nothing is permanent. Whatever struggle you might be going through will eventually pass, and it might be a pain in the ass but it will pass, so there's always hope."

"It always gets better. That doesn't mean it always gets easier but there is always room for growth within yourself. The growth also wont be so drastic all the time. It could be something small like you learned how to knit, your hair looks healthier, you learned how to cook your favorite meal, or you raised enough money to buy the thing you really wanted. In those moments, that's when the struggle is somewhat worth it, and that's why we have to keep going :+)"

"Rest is a right not a privilege. It’s okay to take a break."

"Hold onto hope. It may feel like your life is a whole ass mess and there’s no light at the end of the tunnel, but I can assure you that better days are to come — just please don’t give up. Don’t give up on yourself. Maybe this season isn’t your season, even if you wished it was. But that doesn’t mean nothing good can come out of it; what can you learn from this hardship? Where is it that you need to be stronger? Where is it that you need to surrender control to? I believe that you will come out of this season greater than you can ever imagine. "

"Take as much time as you need for rest. If you have the capacity, try to do one thing that is just for yourself that you truly want to do even if it is as small as sitting outdoors for 10 minutes."

"I would tell them that these feelings will pass. If you are aware of your feelings and do what is needed for yourself, then you are doing enough. "

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