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What is, in your opinion, the most important lesson you’ve learned?

“At the end of the day, you only have yourself. So make sure that you know your worth and you hold that close to your heart. It’s too easy to lose yourself in loving or trying to please other people.”

“Take your time and enjoy life while you can.”

“You're not alone in this world, and you always have an impact so always choose to be kind and forgive. You can always make or break someone's day so choose to be good.”

“That we all die. So we might as well just live our best lives (whatever that may look like to us). And by living our best lives, it means that we are at peace in our minds and within ourselves.. as long as we have that inner peace, we can do anything. ”

“Taking my time to enjoy the things around me is super important. At times, I feel like I've missed out on life or my college experience because I stressed out about getting all A's, but now I know that my grades aren't going to be everything for me. ”

“To truly love myself first, and love will follow.”

“I’ve learned the importance of stillness. Knowing that I don’t have to be busy all the time to prove my worth to people. It’s in the stillness that I can connect better to my creativity, to my faith, and to myself. Learning how to find peace in solitude is something I’ve needed to learn and I’m still learning now to practice it.”

“The most important lesson is that ‘nothing comes easy.’ People succeed by seriously working their butt off. Failure will happen a lot. Nothing is granted. Being an adult is hard and will continue to be hard but you must continue to work hard.”

“Patience and acceptance. Things don't happen overnight, and when things don't go as planned just go with the flow because life knows where to take you. It hurts more to fight certain things than to accept them and grow from them.”

“Relationships shift and change and may break but I’ll keep growing and doing. People enter or leave your life for a reason. “

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